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This year, Chopstix is having a big birthday – we’re turning 20! To celebrate, every three months throughout the year, we’re releasing a mouth-watering NEW topping for you to enjoy. This time, it’s the turn of Orange Chicken. Featuring fresh summer flavours with juicy crunchy peppers, and citrusy Orange Chicken is sure to have your tastebuds practically tingling!

Try it as a single topping or mix and match with one of your other favourites – whatever way you choose to eat your Chopstix, our Orange Chicken boxes are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings for Asian food. Add on one of our delicious sides for a real feast, from our Crispy Chicken Balls to our Salt ‘n’ Pepper Potatoes.

Whether you’re eating at one of our Chopstix locations across the UK, or ordering fresh delivery to your door, our team pride ourselves on delicious food and speedy service; for a tastier experience!

Orange Chicken will be available to try across London from June 25th, before rolling out everywhere in July. Don’t miss out on this taste sensation!

Chopstix Delivery

Find your nearest Chopstix Noodle Bar in towns and cities across the country, including Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham, Cardiff and more. All of your favourite options are available to order, from our Chinese Chicken Curry or juicy Teriyaki Beef, to our sticky Sweet Chilli Prawns.

You can also get your Chopstix fix from UberEATS, Deliveroo and Just Eat, for fast, fresh delivery to your home or workplace today.

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Srinithi Srinithi
Srinithi Srinithi
Aug 09, 2022

Nobody at any point skips a beware of a $1 McDonald's McChicken. It's far less expensive to choose a worth dinner over a garlic-broiled chicken-pesto panini with a side of kale chips (and significantly simpler to yell over a drive-through radio, as well).


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