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Our First Vegan Focus Group

In a Chopstix first, we recently held a vegan focus group as one of the initial steps in cultivating our very first vegan dishes. Through the power of social media, we recruited 10 willing vegans to trial some of the dishes, and invited them along to give us valuable feedback.

Held at our Oxford Street store on the 5th February, our eager vegans settled in for an evening of FASTER, FRESHER, TASTIER samples. They indulged in around 14 concept dishes and submitted their thoughts and opinions to our menu coordinators.

In the next part of the process, which is currently taking place, we’re developing a small range of the dishes sampled, ensuring we use the feedback to make them as delicious as we can.

With more and more customers turning to vegan options, we are excited to be developing our menu choices so we can welcome everyone into our stores across the nation. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on our up and coming menu!

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