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New Recipe Chicken

Over the last few months we’ve been developing our recipes to make our chicken even tastier than before.

Now our new recipe chicken is helping us to elevate our food to new standards of deliciousness! Here are just a few of our meals you can expect to be even tastier than ever:

– Caramel Chicken – It may be hard to believe, but our fan favourite Caramel Chicken is now even better. If you loved it before, you’ll really love it now!

-Sweet and Sour Chicken, Black Bean Chicken and Salt and Pepper Chicken – Our selection of Asian classic dishes are not your standard take away! With our new high-quality chicken, you can expect even more authentic flavours to tantalise your taste buds.

Whether you’re a regular customer or have yet to visit a Chopstix store, NOW is the perfect time! Our meals are FASTER, FRESHER and TASTIER than ever.

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