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Meal Deals with Chinese Delivery Livingston

In our quest to be the best FASTER. FRESHER, TASTIER Chinese delivery in Livingston, we’ve carefully curated a delicious selection of meal deals that you can order online! Providing deliciously good value meal deals for one, two, three, four and up to six people, our fusion Asian dishes are tasty and filling and won’t cost the earth. Whether you’re looking for a midweek pick me up or a weekend feast for the family, our Chinese delivery in Livingston will not disappoint.

Feed the Family

We know things are tough at the minute with working from home, schooling and looking after the kids to balance, so save yourself some stress and order in to feed the family. From just £29.95 our Feed the Family meal deal has 2 family size bases of rice or noodles, 4 large toppings, 3 buckets and a spice bag of crispy chicken and potatoes! Toppings can be anything from our menu and include the likes of BBQ Chicken, Salt and Pepper Chicken and Thai Green Tofu Curry, so you can keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Big Night In

With lockdown still in full swing, we’re all having many big nights in and with our Chinese delivery in Livingston you can add a touch of excitement to your weekends in front of the TV. Perfect for indulging or if you have many mouths to feed, our Big Night In deal contains 3 family bases, 8 large toppings, 2 spring roll buckets and a side dish! Perfect for grazing on over the weekend, there is sure to be leftovers for the next day too, making it a great value dinner option.

Hot Wok for One

If you’re dining for one then don’t worry, you can still enjoy fantastic value and delicious dishes with our Hot Wok for One meal deal. With 1 medium box, 1 large topping and rolls bucket it’s the perfect amount for satisfying your cravings and keeping you full until the next meal.

To order any of these fantastic deals, visit our Chinese delivery in Livingston page on the website and order directly from Just Eat, Deliveroo or Uber Eats.

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