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How to Stand Out At Franchise Events

In January, we attended the 2017 British and International Franchise Exhibition in London. We had an amazing time meeting and talking to potential franchisees. While reflecting on the exhibition we realised some key attributes that made some people stand out from the crowd and seem like stronger candidates to work with. Here are some things to be aware for your next event. 

Emphasis on your business background

Business experience is extremely valuable, while it doesn’t have to be in franchising specifically it’s important to have practical business knowledge. This shows that individuals are able to demonstrate leadership, communication skills, and also understandings of business operations

Research, Research, Research

Before coming to an event or exhibition make sure to read up on franchising; not only the process of opening a franchise but also the experience of franchise owners and their day to day workload. Not only does this allow for deeper conversations and networking opportunities but it also shows Chopstix, and other organisations, that you are serious about pursuing a franchise relationship with.

Know what you want

This is the most important part of standing out! Some people come to exhibitions and events without knowing what they want to get out of the event itself. If you’re into the early stages of deciding if franchising is right for you, that’s fine. Come to the event and ask questions about the day to day tasks of owning a franchise and questions that are important to you. If you’re more serious, know the industry that you want to go into, if it’s food services, know if you want to run a quick service restaurant, like Chopstix, or a pub or a sit-down restaurant. There are many different options throughout the franchise industry with a wide variety of upfront costs. Know how much you can spend, how quickly you would to see a return on investment, and where you would like to open. For Chopstix specifically, having or operating a site is preferred during the application process.

Didn’t have a chance to stop by the franchise event? No problem! If you’re interested in finding out more about Chopstix franchise opportunities send an email to and check out the franchise area of our website here.

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