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Chopstix Launches Three New Toppings!

In our efforts to constantly provide our customers with FASTER, FRESHER, TASTIER food, we are always working on and evolving our menu. This time we’re bringing you not one or two new items, but three! Your choice of Chopstix toppings is filled with delicious and varied options and our new additions are no exception;

Katsu Chicken Curry An Asian food favourite, our new Katsu Chicken Curry topping brings together crispy coated, mouth-watering chicken fillet and a serving of our mild and spiced curry sauce.

Stir Fried Beef and Broccoli – Tender broccoli, beef and peppers come together in a delectable sauce to bring you a classic Asian dish that complements any base.

Chilli Prawns – A little bit of luxury in your Chopstix box, our new prawn topping is coated in a delicious chilli sauce to bring some sweet heat to your meal.

If you love Pan-Asian food and want to try something mouth wateringly delicious, then grab one of our new toppings. You can find your local Chopstix on our store locator here:

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