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Chopstix Dundee – Delicious Dishes All Day

Chopstix Dundee is located inside the Overgate Shopping Centre and is perfectly positioned for chowing down on some Chinese inspired dishes for brunch, a mid-afternoon snack your evening meal. Open from 11 am through to 7 pm our Dundee customers can enjoy a FASTER, FRESHER, TASTIER bite any time of the day to satisfy those cravings for delicious dishes. We’ve got some suggestions of what to pick based on which meal you’re having Chopstix Dundee for!


Who doesn’t love a Chinese for breakfast?! Whether you’re hungover on a Saturday morning or just fancy something besides a bowl of cereal to start your day, customers coming into our store for breakfast or brunch can take their pick of any of our menu items. Of course, they are all equally mouth-watering, but we happen to think our salt and pepper potatoes taste extra special in the morning. If you’re looking for a little more from your morning meal, then our Spice Bag contains spicy potatoes AND chicken.


Having a late lunch? There’s nothing like the delights of a Teriyaki Beef or a portion of Caramel Chicken for lunch from Chopstix Dundee. If you’re lucky enough to live nearby Overgate shopping centre, or work close enough for a quick stop, then you can make your lunchtime FASTER, FRESHER and TASTIER by visiting our Chopstix noodle restaurant.


Dinner time has arrived and after a long day you want something that is exceptionally appetizing, that will keep you full into the evening and set you up for relaxation. The comforting taste of our Sweet Chilli Prawns or our Katsu Curry, available as a chicken of pumpkin dish are a sure-fire way to whet your appetite!

Come down to Chopstix Dundee to sample all of this and much more – we’re open 7 days a week!

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